LAAX Open 2021 – best-of event video

LAAX OPEN always means great spectacle for slopestyle & halfpipe riders alike: On Friday’s slopestyle final, Jamie Anderson (USA) and Niklas Mattsson (SWE) won the 2021 titles on a 500 metre long course. It has been the 5th victory of LAAX OPEN for Anderson, while Mattsson celebrated his first win.

Fast forward to Saturday night, floodlights shine on the impressive 200 metre long superpipe at Crap Sogn Gion: Olympic champion Chloe Kim (USA) had an outstanding run in round two, coming from 5th place. Kim won LAAX OPEN halfpipe contest for the third time.
In the men’s halfpipe final, it has been a very close battle between two of the best riders: Scotty James (AUS) and Yuto Totsuko (JPN). The Japanese stunned the judges with a run the world has never seen: frontside 1440 frontside grab on the first hit, followed by a combo of a Switch frontside 1260, frontside grab into switch backside 1080 Weddle – and a backside 1260 Weddle and frontside double 1260 frontside on the last two hits.


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