Slopestyle finals LAAX OPEN 2017

Enni Rukajärvi and Max Parrot LAAX OPEN 2017 Slopestyle champs!


The men’s final was dominated by Canadian riders. The best run was thrown down by Max Parrot. He started his run with 50/50 to Backlip on the rail, a Backside Rodeo 900 over the roller, followed by a Cab Double 12 Mute, a Frontside Triple 1440 and a Backside Triple 16 Mute on the kicker line with a great finish on the jib feature.“The riders were killing it today. It means so much to me be on top of the podium. Conditions were perfect and I am happy I could land my Backside Triple!”
Fellow countryman Mark McMorris came in 2nd, Tyler Nicholson 3rd.

In the ladies final, winner Enni Rukajärvi (FIN) launched her top run with a Boardslide Pretzel Out on the rail, a Switch Backside 180 Mute over the roller, continuing with a Frontside 7 Tailgrab, a Backside 5 Stale and a Cab 7 Stale on the kicker line before hitting the final jib feature. “It feels so good to be back on top of the podium after 2010. My career started here back then and I always love to return to LAAX.”


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